November 2022
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Caroline Curbside Market

Culinary mobile market makes it easier to shop for healthy choices for you and your family.

We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh foods, regardless of your budget or where you live.

Bringing the Farm to your Curbside

Buy Local

Shore Gourmet supports local Delmarva farmers and producers by selling their products in our retail shop.

Farmers’ Markets

America’s Direct Marketing Farmers and Farmers’ Markets (DMFs/FMs) are great sources of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

Always Something New to Try

Many of the brands we feature are small businesses that are launching innovative and exciting new flavors! The specific brands and products we carry change frequently so that there is always something new to try.

More Questions?

What is SNAP

SNAP provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency.

What is S.N.A.P. ?

Its a payment method

When are you coming to my area?

Please see our sechedule

What is S.N.A.P. ?

Its a payment method